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Nov 24th 2012 by 90kilos GBR
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Thanks to a few requests from our recent usability survey I have started to add ways to avoid using right-clicks. For starters I have added a new button for each row in list pages (see the attached screenshot). A 'regular' click on th...
Feb 12th 2011 by Oziem GBR
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So my plan this week was to do at least 30mins on the TT everyday, unless I went out on the bike. I mean, 30 mins isn't a lot, right? So I failed this weeks target... I shall, do it from next week. The plan then, is that on sunday,...
Dec 12th 2008 by Travis CHN
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Got my bike back with new gruppo on. Looking good. Excited... yes. Eager to get out on first ride... no. Been completely floored with a chest infection for a week. Energy levels very low. I've read all about overtraining and the impact on t...
May 2nd 2012 by Scunner GBR
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Two interval sessions a week and endurance riding at the weekend - so far so good. I've bought a couple to start with, and now have the full set of excellent interval training vids from "The Sufferfest". The creator (David) is a legend,...
Oct 12th 2010 by audiolessonover GBR
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