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The Skinny Cyclist
After a huge variety of results over the last five years, it's time to get more serious and focused. I no longer have the time to do 17hr training weeks, as I've found that some things that are far more important in life.

I still want to be competative, and miss the days when I was fit and niggle-free. I'm determined to make the best use of my training time available, and on hear as well as being a place for me to record my training & results I want to offer my thoughts on making best use of training time.

Kettler ErgoRace

audiolessonoverby audiolessonoverSep 25th 2010
Sold one of the two turbo trainers we used to have, and put the money towards a spin bike. Went for a '10 Kettler ErgoRace, an ex-demo model that looked filthy and scratched, but after some jif looks sparkling and brand-new... plus had a third off - win.

The Kettler is a great bit of kit, it's not as adjustable as I hped but I can pretty much duplicate the position I have on my road bikes and XC race bike to some extent. The great thing about it is that it can measure and chart power, HR, cadence, work, speed, distance and resistance level. I'm demo'ing some software that can track and download the data in real time - or can be used to ride real world courses using GPS tracks or Bing mapping software.

The only hassle the demo software can only be used to chart all the param's when your following a defined course - you have to buy the full software to chart the progress of workouts where you define and change the resistance as you are going on - ie interval work. The full software is around £90.... ouch.

All in all a good bit of kit, and has the added bonus that both me and the wife can use it and it fits us well - considering I'm a foot taller than her!

Hopefully will help keep the dark evenings at bay, if everything goes to plan it's certainly going to be dishing out a lot of pain in the next 6 months or so.
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